The Minimalist Guide to Buying Baby Clothes

The Minimalist Guide to Buying Baby Clothes

The Minimalist Guide to Buying Baby Clothes

Baby clothes is one thing that parents tend to buy in excess. It’s kinda hard not to when everything’s so freakin’ cute. But babies grow fast so buying the right amount of clothes is crucial especially if you’re aiming for a frugal and minimalistic lifestyle.

Baby clothes has been the one thing on my shopping list that has been the trickiest to shop for. Not only do I find myself rummaging for the cutest styles, I’m also worrying about seasonality, how many of each size to get, and finding the best deals. So after my first, frenzied trip to Carter’s, I decided I needed to have a guide to help me buy clothes more effectively. So here it is, the minimalistic guide to buying baby clothes.

Things to consider when buying baby clothes

The season your baby will be born.

Is your baby going to be a winter baby or a summer baby? If your baby is a winter baby, in 3-6 months, it may be time for lighter wear. Same goes for a summer baby. Purchase warmer clothes in 3-6 month sizes to prepare them for the colder months.

The weight of your baby.

Your OBGYN can estimate the size of your baby months prior to delivery. You can use that weight as a guideline for how many newborn clothes you will need to buy or whether to avoid them altogether.

How often you will be doing laundry.

If you plan to do laundry often (two or more times a week), you won’t need to purchase as many clothes. For less frequent washes, you will need to increase your stash. It’s also important to remember that babies spit-up and ruin their clothes a lot. Don’t be surprised if you run through your entire baby’s wardrobe within a few days.

How much you’ll love shopping WITH your baby.

As much as you love purchasing clothes for your baby now, you’re going to love it so much more once they’re born. Buy the essentials to last for the first month or two since you won’t want to go anywhere.

Signing up with Carter’s to receive coupons for use on your next purchase.

You won’t be able to use Carter’s coupons on clearance and doorbusters, but definitely shop them! I got this super cute footed onesie perfect for Christmas for just $3.99 in the clearance section. A total steal!

The Minimalist Guide to Buying Baby Clothes

Washing all clothes and accessories prior to first wear!

Wash all babies’ clothing and accessories before first wear using a gentle, hypoallergenic laundry detergent such as Dreft. I recommend washing just what you think you’ll need, in case you need to return some things.

How many of each size should I buy?

Babies tend to outgrow newborn sizes fairly quickly, so it’s best to stick to a single set just in case. You’ll likely receive a lot of newborn clothes as gifts so don’t worry about buying as many newborn sizes.

I recommend purchasing a majority of the clothes prior to baby’s arrival in 3 month sizes and larger. Carter’s 3 month sizes fit 8-12.5 lb babies. You can follow the guide below to purchase 3 month sizes to start.

The Checklist

7-10 Onesies/Bodysuits/Rompers

Touched by Nature Organic Cotton Bodysuit 3 Pack, Amazon $12.99

How cute are these? These bodysuits are made out of 100% organic cotton and super easy to get into with their wide head openings. And what is a bodysuit without a sassy pun, am I right?

Hudson Baby Cotton Bodysuits 5 Pack, Amazon $11.99

These colorful 100% cotton bodysuits come in a set of 5 and are great for warm weather. They also come in a ton of different styles, including those for boys (but I have to say the girl sets are definitely my favorite). Stock up on bodysuits as they do become a staple of any wardrobe. One for every day of the week is a good place to start.

3-4 Side Snap T-Shirts

Gerber 3 Pack Side Snap Shirts, Amazon $8.99

Side snap tees are a breeze to get on and because they’re so breathable, they’ll help baby’s umbilical stump fall off faster.

4-6 Footed PJs

Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby 2-Pack Cotton Footed Sleep and Play, Amazon $15.99

Footed pjs keep your baby’s legs and toes warm for cold nights. They’re also are the first pieces babies grow out of so don’t buy too many at once. Carter’s carry these super soft footers with zipper closure. Their zippers are designed with an inner flap that protects against accidental skin (or cord) tug. I absolutely love these footed pjs!

4-5 Socks

Future Founder Anti Slip Cotton Crew Socks 6 Pairs, Amazon $6.66

Socks are prone to slippage, which means you WILL lose them. Prevent this by purchasing socks that rises higher above the ankles and buy them in a size or two larger because socks tend to shrink in the wash. These Future Founder anti-slip socks stay on all day and a pack is really all you’ll need.

1 Pair of Booties

Hudson Baby Fleece Booties with Non Skid Bottom, Amazon $8.99

While shoes aren’t necessary for newborns, you might want to invest in a pair of booties for when your little one starts to crawl. These Hudson Baby fleece booties have a non-skid bottom and are a great first pair of trainers.

Set of Anti-Scratch Mittens

Darlyng & Co.’s Anti-Scratch Newborn Baby Mittens 3 Pairs, Amazon $12.99

Not all babies will have a problem with scratching so you can choose to wait on purchasing anti-scratch mitts.

2 Caps

100% Organic Cotton Infant Baby Beanie, Amazon $12.95

Babies lose a majority of heat from their head, especially if your baby’s hair hasn’t fully grown out yet. Keep your baby’s head warm with these 100% organic cotton baby beanies. Remember to pack one in your hospital bag!

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L’ovedbaby Newborn Organic Cap, Amazon $12.00

L’ovedbaby organic cap is super soft and available in larger sizes.


1 Thick Fleece Hat

Zutano Baby Cozie Fleece Hat, Amazon $14.50

While Cali is known for its warm weathers, winters can be a tad chilly. Zuntano’s fleece hat will keep baby’s head warm and the cute ears are an added bonus!

2 Sweaters/Cardigans

Hope & Henry Layette Organic Cotton Baby Sweater, Amazon $24.95

DorDor & GorGor 100% Organic Baby Cardigan, Amazon $11.99
Cardigans and sweaters are a great layering piece for wintertime. A hoodie can add much needed warmth.

2-3 Pairs of Pants

Lamaze Organic 2 Pack Pants, Amazon $10.20

Pants add a quick layer over a onesie and is great for the colder months when you don’t want to be leaving your baby’s legs exposed.

1 Baby Pram/Bunting Sack

Carter’s Baby Pram, Amazon $14.99

Fairy Baby Bunting Romper, Amazon $26.26

If you don’t know what a pram or bunting sack is, it’s sort of like a thick snowsuit for a baby. It’s great for Halloween or even Christmas festivities when you might be spending time outdoors.


1 Sunhat

i play. Flap Sun Protection Swim Hat, Amazon $10.50

i play. Baby Brim Sun Protection Hat, Amazon $11.50

If you plan to have baby outdoors in the summertime, a sun protection hat is just what they need. i play. offers two styles that offer great sun coverage and they come in a variety of colors.

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The Minimalist Guide to Buying Baby Clothes

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