How to Save Money with a Diaper Stockpile

How to Save Money with a Diaper Stockpile

How to Save Money with a Diaper Stockpile

How to Save Money with a Diaper Stockpile

You can expect your newborn baby to go through an unbelievable amount of diapers every day.

Newborn babies will tend to have three to four bowel movements a day and go numero uno a whole lot more. There will at least 10 diaper changes a day for the first month of your baby’s life.

Yikes. That’s a lot of diapers.

And a whole lot of $$$…

So what can you do about this stinky situation? You can build a diaper stockpile!

Building a diaper stockpile saves you a ton of money.

Building a diaper stockpile means purchasing diapers only when they are on SALE using coupons, a ton of which you can find in Target’s Welcome Kit, as well as all the other baby goody bags you can get for free.

This means stocking up on diapers months before baby’s arrival or even before conception if you want to be extremely proactive šŸ™‚

Target’s Welcome Kit came with an amazing coupon for $25 off a $50 purchase of TheĀ HonestĀ Company diapers. The cost of an 80 count box is 25.99, which means you’re essentially able to get two boxes for the price of ONE. How awesome is that?

There’s also a lot of other coupons in Target’s Welcome Kit that you can apply to other diapering needs. Give me wipes or give me death!

To build a diaper stockpile

Boxes most babies will typically need:

  • Newborn: 6 boxes
  • Size 1: 5 boxes
  • Size 2: 15 boxes
  • Size 3: 20 boxes

Boxes I recommend stockpiling:

  • Newborn: 5 boxes
  • Size 1: 5 boxes
  • Size 2: 10 boxes
  • Size 3: 15 boxes

I don’t recommend purchasing the entire amount due to the fact that you may or may not use all of them. If you do plan on purchasing a majority of what you need for your stockpile, be sure to check on your store’s return or exchange policy just in case.

How to get the best deals on diapers & wipes

Know the price you’re willing to pay for a single diaper and stick to it.

If a box comes with 80 diapers and it’s $26, simply divide the dollar amount ($26) by the number of diapers (80). That’s $0.33 per diaper.

The typical price for diapers is usually around $0.26, but with coupons and deals you can get it down to about $0.13 per diaper.

Compare, compare, compare

Micromanaging is key when it comes to diapering needs. A good rhyme to remember that it’s superĀ super important to find only the BEST deals for diapers and wipes.

A few cents per diaper may not seem like a lot, but when you’re having to change up to 12 diapers a day, it becomes big poop.

Best places to buy diapers

CVS and other pharmacies with reward programs are a great place to buy diapers because they give you coupons for future purchases, oftentimes up to $10.

Amazon is another place to get amazing deals.

Join Huggies and Pampers reward program

Huggies gives you 500 reward points just for joining. Download the Huggies RewardsĀ app for mobile access.

Pampers gives you 100 rewards for joining and another 50 on your first scan with the Pampers Rewards app.

Organize your coupons

I ended up with a lot of coupons from various places. It was just a hot mess to carry around and sort through during a shopping trip.

You can purchase a coupon organizer on Amazon, but since we’re in the business of saving money, I thought that would be a little redundant.

So I made my own coupon organizer! Okay… I just used the Pampers bag I received in my Target Welcome Kit, added some sticky notes as organizer tabs, and voila! A coupon organizer at no cost to yours truly.


Get cash back on your purchases with the SPENT Money app

The SPENT Money app is a free app that gives you cash back when you make a purchase with any linked card. You’ll also get a $10 cash bonus after you make your first cash back purchase. Get even more cash back when you use a cash back credit card for your purchases.


  • SPENT Money cash back offers:
    • 3% on any CVS onlineĀ purchase
    • 3% on any WalmartĀ online purchase
    • 1.5 % on any Rite Aid onlineĀ purchase
    • 1.5% on any Target online purchase
    • 1% on any Amazon purchase
    • 1% on any Walgreens online and in-storeĀ purchase

Some helpful tips

Open and compare diaper sizes whenever you purchase diapers

Different companies will tend to differ in their sizes and you want to use the smaller sized diapers first.

Keep a log of your baby’s diaper usage

This will really help serve as a guide if you have more kids in the future. However, every child is different, so don’t be surprised if your diaper usage drastically changes for your next kid.

Potty train ASAP

The faster your toddler is potty trained, the more money you’ll save on diapers. No more stinky diapers to change is always a plus too!

  • Some timeline guidelines:
    • Diapers: Babies will need diapers from birth until they’re about two to three years old.
    • Potty training: Most toddlers are ready to trade in their diapers for trainers by year 3. Some are ready in as little as 2 years. It really depends. You can expect potty training to take around 8 months, so it’s a good idea to have those trainers stockpiled as well.

So there you have it, how to save money with a diaper stockpile. I hope you all succeed in being coupon queens and build your enormous fortresses of diapers.

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