Grow Your Blog – Strategies to Explode Pinterest Traffic

Strategies to Explode Pinterest Traffic

Grow Your Blog – Strategies to Explode Pinterest Traffic

Strategies to Explode Pinterest Traffic

If you want to grow your blog, Pinterest is the way to do it.

But growing your Pinterest account can be a struggle in and of itself. However, with some basic strategies, Pinterest is a breeze!

My Pinterest growth in two months:

April 5k monthly viewers → June 291k monthly viewers (5,700% increase)

I started my blog back in March and by April, I had 5,000 monthly viewers on my Pinterest account. That number grew to 30k in May. Now in June, I have an astonishing 291k monthly viewers on my account. That’s a 5,700% increase! In two months!

May 45 followers → June 653 followers (1,350% increase)

These same strategies helped me grow from just 45 Pinterest followers in May to 653 followers in June.

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I had my first side hustle in high school. I was 14, too young to get a real job and too old to keep asking my parents for money. So I sold my clothes on Facebook. (Yes, that’s a thing)!

I loved my first “job.”

But I also went on to have real jobs. I worked in retail, as a restaurant hostess, and even as a tutor. But working for other people never brought me the joy I had when I was working for myself. Besides, working from home would always be the ultimate dream job.

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Having a baby pushed me to want to work from home even more. I wanted to stay home with my baby and I wanted to make money doing so.

I had a regular job, worked as a transcriber in my free time, and was selling stuff I didn’t use online. And since the average millionaire has 7 income streams, I thought why not start a blog?

In two months, I’ve already made some money blogging. And I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

If you’ve ever considered blogging, the best time to start is NOW. Blogging in 2018 is not dead. Nor will it be in 2019, or even 2020. But the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be able to get where you want to be – blogging full-time.

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Web Hosting

How to grow your Pinterest followers and monthly viewers in just two months

Pin amazing content

Great content is the most organic way to gain followers.

Create at least 15-20 boards, relating to your blog’s topic. You can throw in a few boards you’re interested in that you know your audience will love as well. I have a board called “Homespiration” that is filled with dreamy decor and homes. That board gets a lot of followers on its own too 🙂

After you’ve created 15-20 boards, it’s time to fill them up!

Quality over quantity. Fill your feed with quality pins. DO NOT spam your followers with a bunch of pins they aren’t going to be interested in ← easy way to get unfollowed.

Infographics do really well, so make sure you pin them.

Pin your own graphics. Make sure you link your pin to a post on your website or your blog’s homepage.

When you’re starting out, you won’t have a lot of your own pins so just try to scatter your pins evenly among other pins. Once you build a larger content library (more than 100 posts), you want to pin your original pins almost exclusively (AnastasiaBlogger suggests the 80/20 rule, favoring your pins).

Infographics are the best kind of pins. An infographic I created went viral and got over 900 repins, which brought my blog a ton of traffic from that one post alone.

Canva is the free designing website I use to create all my Pinterest graphics. They offer plenty of free templates and after a few quick edits, you end up with an amazing pin with minimal effort.

Create text that stands out. For example ‘Strategies to Explode Pinterest Traffic’ vs ‘Strategies to Increase Pinterest Traffic.’ Make your pins intriguing and clickable. Change up your text for pins for the same post.

*This is called A/B testing or split testing. A particular pin might perform much better than another simply because you used a different line of text, color scheme, photo, or font.

Stick to bright color schemes. I found pinks/peaches do really well. When choosing stock photos, stay away from monotone or bland colors. Pick photos with color that pops!

Choose stock photos with people and faces. While you don’t necessarily need all your pins to have people and faces (especially if it’s a recipe), it adds a personal touch. I didn’t people in my first few pins and it made my Pinterest look fairly unexciting and impersonal.

Make fonts large and easy to read. Script or handwriting fonts add variety but make sure it’s clear and legible.

Create multiple pins for the same post

Aim for at least 4-5 pins for the same post and disperse them amongst other pins of different posts.

Pin often and sporadically throughout the day

This is where scheduling apps come in handy, especially if you don’t want to be a slave to Pinterest.

Make sure to pin during “hot hours”

  • 2am-4 am and 8pm-11pm on Saturdays
  • 9pm daily
  • 11pm-1am and 5pm-10pm daily

*Pacific Standard Time

Join group boards

Group boards are essential to growing your blog. A board can have thousands of followers, which instantly maximizes your pin’s views.

A group board consists of collaborators who are able to pin to the board. To find and join group boards, use PinGroupie (also free!). Simply type in a description of the group boards you’re looking for, such as “pregnancy,” and go down the list of results.

Strategies I Used to Gain 280K+ Pinterest Monthly Viewers in Two Months

Hover over the blue ‘description’ box and you can read what the board’s about, pinning rules, whether or not the board is currently accepting contributors, and how you can join.

Oftentimes, the description won’t have any mention about whether the board is closed to new contributors or how to join. But the important thing is that it doesn’t say it’s closed, so fair game!

To inquire about joining a board, first follow the board, then follow the owner of the board. The owner is usually the first person listed on the collaborators list. They should also have the word ‘owner’ under their profile picture.

Check out their blog and Pinterest account to get a feel for what they blog about and how you can contribute. Then, email the board’s owner a request to join their board. Originality goes a long way as board owners receive dozens of inquiries every day. Make yourself stand out! Be sure to include your blog as well as your Pinterest account in your email.

Your email can go something like this:

Hi <owner’s name>,

My name is <name> and I was wondering if you’re still looking to add contributors to your blog. I run a blog about <blog niche> and see we both write on <topic>. I enjoyed reading your posts on <topic> and like your unique perspective on <topic>. My blog is <enter url> and my Pinterest is <url>. Thank you for your consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.



This is a pretty barren example. Spiffy up your email!

Another way to request to become a collaborator is to repin the board’s owner’s personal pin and comment on it requesting to be a collaborator. Again, be sure to include your Pinterest handle.

I’ve read some bloggers don’t like to join boards with a repin rate of less than [insert arbitrary number]. I say join as many as you can. A high repin rate is great because more people will share and see your post. BUT, even with absolutely no repins, you can still get click-throughs, which = traffic!

As a new blogger, you can’t be choosy. Plus, you never know when that small group board gains a massive following then no longer accepts contributors. Something to think about!

Strategies I Used to Gain 280K+ Pinterest Monthly Viewers in Two Months

Pin to group boards regularly and abide by its rules to avoid getting removed from the group.

Repin to the same board

If there’s a decent amount of pins between the pin you want to repin, go ahead and repin it! Same goes for group boards. You can wait a couple of days or a week and repin the pin. This will allow the pin to stay at the top of the board. For smaller boards, you can repin then delete the older pin. This is what looping is for BoardBooster, but you’re doing it manually. You won’t lose the stats on your pin since you’re essentially repinning the same content.

Use pin scheduling apps

Tailwind and BoardBooster are pin scheduling tools that does all of Pinterest’s work for you.

Personally, I like the simplicity of Tailwind, but BoardBooster offers more features such as looping, which is a great tool for reviving older pins. Looping repins old pins to the top of a board and the duplicate pin with the fewest repins gets deleted after a certain time.

Both tailwind and BoardBooster offer free trials. Try them out before making an investment.

Tailwind lets you schedule 100 free pins. You also have access to Tailwind Tribes, which work similar to group boards.

BoardBooster’s free trial gives you 500 scheduled pins and 10 days to use them.

Follow your competitor’s followers

Head on over to a competitor in your niche and follow their followers. Follow as many as you can every day.

At the end of the week, you can use the Followers App to unfollow those that didn’t follow you back.

Follow these simple strategies and you’ll start to see growth in your Pinterest account in as little as a week. Good luck, and as always if you have any questions, like how to create infographics or use the scheduling apps, feel free to leave me a message below and I’ll get back to you asap!


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