Common Gender Prediction Myths Debunked

Common Gender Prediction Myths Debunked

Common Gender Prediction Myths Debunked

Common Gender Prediction Myths Debunked

Pregnancy is a series of waiting games. But one of the most exciting waits for most parents is the disclosure of their baby’s gender. So it’s no surprise that people have come up with multiple ways to predict baby’s sex. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t looked into a few of them myself. After I received confirmation of my baby’s gender, I was surprised at how wrong (and right) some of the predictions were. So here are the most common gender prediction myths debunked and demystified.

When can I learn the sex of my baby?

Though sex is determined at the time of conception, you’ll have to wait until you’re approximately 15-20 weeks along for your doctor to accurately confirm the sex of the baby via ultrasound. You also have the option to request a gender reveal through the noninvasive prenatal test (NIPT), a mandatory blood test at week 10 that checks for Down syndrome among other things. Note: the gender reveal is an elective test so most insurance won’t cover it. At my doctor’s office, it was $200. Yikes, that’s like 8 boxes of diapers! No thanks, I’ll wait. I was lucky to have my OBGYN’s PA give me her guess at 13 weeks and she was 70% sure it was a boy!

So what are some of the gender predicting clues and their associated sex prediction?

  • Experiencing hyperemesis gravidarum. Morning sickness is common, occurring in more than 50% of pregnant women. Some women experience severe sickness known as hyperemesis gravidarum. It’s like the equivalent of hell on earth.
    • THE PREDICTION: If you experience extreme morning sickness, you’re more likely to have a girl.
    • My morning sickness started around the 7th week of my pregnancy. I consider it quite mild because it only lasted about a week and it never caused me to actually throw up. Don’t get me wrong, it was still one of the worst experiences of my life. I literally felt like dying. I can’t complain though because my sister had hyperemesis gravidarum or very close to the ranks of it. Her morning sickness was severe. It was day and night. She was nauseous all the time and throwing up often. It made it difficult for her to take her prenatals or even eat certain foods because she was so nauseous all the time. Two different experiences and yet two little princes.
    • THE DEBUNKING: Morning sickness differs for everyone and for every pregnancy. You may experience little to no sickness while carrying your first child, but have it intensely during your next. It all depends. And not so much on gender!
  • Sweet versus sour cravings. Another common pregnancy symptom is having intense cravings for certain foods.
  • THE PREDICTION: This is where it can get messy. There are some claims that craving sour foods means you’re having a girl. Other claims state that sour or salty cravings means you’re having a little boy, while sweet cravings are reserved for a little girl.
  • I consumed entire jars of pickles early on in my pregnancy, before I knew I was pregnant (the Claussen brand pickles are soo good). I also ate a whole lot of a Mexican chili powder candy called Zumba Acidin. (I don’t recommend eating this during your pregnancy because it contains silicon dioxide, which can be harmful to the baby, especially during the first trimester). My sister also liked to eat salty snacks during her pregnancy.
  • THE DEBUNKING: Your cravings do not predict gender, even though it fit the case with my sister and I. It’s your body’s way of letting you know what nutrients it needs. There are some women who experience pica, or cravings for things with no nutritional value such as clay, dirt or earth. This can be extremely harmful, especially if the substance consumed is toxic. Consult your doctor right away if you experience these symptoms.

  •  Whether you’re carrying your baby high or low
    • THE PREDICTION: A low baby bump is predicted to be a boy, while a high carrying baby bump is a girl.
    • My sister and I both carried our baby bumps low.
    • THE DEBUNKING: The way you’re baby is carried depends on your unique anatomy as well as the simple fact that our uterus is positioned down south. Most women will be carrying their babies low in their abdomen; it’s just human anatomy.
  • Acne versus no acne
    • THE PREDICTION: If you’re breaking out, the myth is that you’re carrying a girl.
    • I broke out oftenwhile my sister had near perfect skin.
    • THE DEBUNKING: Breakouts can be caused by stress or not getting enough sleep. Oh you know, the usual teen stuff…
  • Calorie intake increase
    • THE PREDICTION: If you’re consuming more food than you usually do, you’re having a boy.
    • I ate my usual amount if not less, while my sister had more of an appetite.
    • THE DEBUNKING: Your calorie intake depends on a lot of things. If you experience aversion to a lot of food, you won’t be willing to eat as much. Additionally, severe morning sickness will also be a contributor in curbing your appetite. Or you can just be a picky eater.

  • Baby’s heart rate
    • THE PREDICTION: If you’re baby’s heart rate is under 140 beats per minute, it’s a boy. If it’s above 140 bpm, it’s a girl.
    • Both of our babies had heart rates above 140 beats per minute.
    • THE DEBUNKING: According to one study, heart rate doesn’t differ all that much between the two genders. Your baby’s heart rate starts out fast (upwards of 170) and will continue to decrease to an average rate of 110-150 bpm.
  • Chinese baby calendar prediction
    • THE PREDICTION: If your date of birth at time of conception and conception month are both odd or even, you will have a girl. It’s a boy if one number is odd and the other is even.
    • My sister and I had an odd date of birth at time of conception and an even conception month.
    • THE DEBUNKING: The Chinese baby prediction calendar is a hit or miss. It has no real scientific data to back it up, but it’s a fun way to guess the sex of your baby.

THE CONSENSUS: Baby predictors aren’t accurate, but they are fun. The only accurate way to determine your baby’s gender is through testing or with an ultrasound. So have fun and remember, gender isn’t everything. Once that little bugger comes out, you won’t care for a thing in the world except to cuddle them!

Comment below if you’ve tried any gender predictions and let me know if they were accurate or not!

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