18 Legit Ways to Make Money from Home

18 Legit Ways to Make Money from Home

18 Legit Ways to Make Money from Home

18 ways to make money with an at-home side hustle

Living a debt-free lifestyle is certainly underrated. As a society, we’re continually brainwashed with the idea that we have to have the latest handbag, phone, or car to be happy. It’s no surprise that we are drowning in as much things as debt.

Hustling has always been a joy of mine. It definitely gives me a rush knowing I’m able to make extra cash to supplement my income. Having a baby made me even more desperate to get rid of debt and build my savings account.

While making extra money is a goal you have in mind, you might not know how to go about it. Here are 18 LEGIT ways to make money from home.

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  1. Sell your unwanted stuff online

Your closet is probably overflowing with clothes you no longer wear. A quick glance around your room and you’ll notice just how much stuff you’re harboring that you don’t use. A good rule for letting things go (especially if you have a tendency to hold on to pretty much everything) is to ask yourself when you last used or worn said item. If you can’t remember, most likely you can live without it. For a list of apps of where to sell your stuff online and their features, read how I made over $600 in one month selling stuff I no longer used online. Here are some unlikely items that can make you money that you might not have thought of selling:

  • CDs, DVDs, & other media
  • Gently used cosmetics
  • Baby clothes & toys
  • Jewelry

  1. Sell your old textbooks

For college attendees or recent grads, selling your textbooks can be a great way to earn extra money. While selling on Craigslist or Amazon lets you get the highest rates for your textbooks, it can take a long time to make a sale unless you’re selling at the start of a semester. For a quicker alternative, I recommend using BookFinder. The site compares prices across a variety of different buyback sites and offers you quotes from each vendor. Simply enter your textbook’s ISBN and choose the vendor(s) you want to sell to. Then just print and attach the packing slips and you’re ready to mail out your books.

  1. Sell your photos

For those with a knack for photography, Foap lets you earn a percentage every time someone purchases your photos. It’s a quick way to earn some extra cash while doing something you love. Better quality photos taken from a DSLR are more likely to be purchased, but good quality iPhone pictures do just as well.

Shutterstock is another great platform to sell your photos. Footage and vectors are also in high demand. With Shutterstock, you’re given the ability to diversify yourself to make an even greater income.

  1. Walk and babysit dogs

Sign up with Rover and get connected with owners in need of babysitters and walkers for their dogs. You have to watch safety training videos and complete a background check before landing a job. Nonetheless, this is a great side hustle for animal lovers and you’ll also be able to get your daily exercise in!

  1. Babysit

Care is a great place to find babysitting, nanny, and even tutoring jobs. Although not a requirement, reviews from past clients help boost your credibility and increase your chances of gaining new clients. If you have babysat for someone in your family, ask if they would write you a review for your profile. More likely than not, they would be happy to write you one. If you have kids, include it in your profile. After all being a mom means you have experience!

  1. Money making apps

18 Ways to Make Money with an At-Home Side Hustle 18 Ways to Make Money with an At-Home Side Hustle

Make Money and Money App allow you to play games, complete small tasks, and participate in surveys to earn credits towards a PayPal payout. It does take time since you’ll need a minimum of 5000 credits ($5) to cash out. I like to use the app during downtime or when I’m waiting for an appointment. In one month I earn roughly $20 on each app. Some tips for using the apps:

  • Once you’ve downloaded an app, check if it’s in the system by going to the ‘Menu’ tab, then ‘Help’, then ‘Problems getting credits’. Scroll down to ‘Tasks Status’ where you will see a list of the statuses of started offers. Check to see if your newly download app is there. If it doesn’t appear on the list, most likely you will not earn credits for the offer so either try re-downloading the app or don’t attempt it. There will be times you complete an offer and the app won’t credit you. So be wary of spending too much time completing an offer on the off chance you may not be credited.
  • ‘Download and start’ offers credit quickly and they’re easy to do. Just download and start the game or app and sometimes complete the tutorial. You can delete the app once you’ve received the credits (which usually takes a few minutes).
  • FREE trial offers reward a large number of credits. Just be sure to cancel before your subscription starts!
  • Every 1000 credits = $1.
  • Take advantage of the 20 credit daily check-in. While it may not sound like a lot, your daily check-in will help you reach your next payout.
  • Don’t participate in surveys. I’ve tried surveys several times and they require you sign up for a lot of miscellaneous offers. I’ve never reached the end of a survey because I didn’t feel like signing up for a random offer.
  • Check back often for new offers. Check the apps regularly so that you don’t miss out on any high credit offers.

Golden Pig is a similar app that lets you complete offers and play games for credits to use for PayPal or Amazon.

  1. Online surveys

If you have time on your hands and like to share your opinions, participating in online surveys is a great way to earn a little money. Some sites to check out are InboxDollars, Swagbucks, and Toluna. Online surveys can take a while to earn enough credits to trade in for a cash or gift card, so it’s not ideal if you’re looking for a way to make quick cash. Some features of each survey site:

  • InboxDollars
    • Earn by participating in surveys, completing offers, watching TV, and using their search engine
    • Minimum of $30 to request payment
  • Swagbucks
    • Earn by participating in surveys, shopping, playing games, and watching videos
    • 2500 SB (SwagBucks) for $25 PayPal cash or an Amazon gift card

  • Toluna
    • Earn by participating in surveys and playing games
    • 95,000 points for $30 PayPal cash or 75,000 for a $25 Amazon gift card
  1. Work as a transcriptionist or captioner

If you can type upwards of 50 WPM, a transcription job may be perfect for you. Most companies don’t require any prior experience, just good listening skills and an eye for detail. I currently do caption work for Rev. Their pay is about $0.45-0.72 a video minute and it goes up once you move from Rookie level to Revver and Revver+ status. Maintaining good metrics in accuracy, formatting, and alignment is crucial to becoming a Reverr. Within my first week, I was able to complete a few projects before and after my part-time job and earned a little over $40. I’m not the speediest typer, but if you can type lightning fast, your potential earnings can definitely be much greater. I love that Rev pays you via PayPal every MONDAY. You can literally get the money into your bank the same day if you immediately request a transfer. A foot pedal is not required but if you’re serious about making real money, you might want to consider investing in one because it’ll make transcribing faster and more efficient.

  1. Offer your skills on Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where you can list your service. Rates for services tend to start at $5, hence the name Fiverr. Feel free to arrange your own rates depending on the service that you offer. You can offer everything from freelance writing and logo creating to lending your voice for an original song.

  1. Sell your crafts on Etsy

Do you enjoy crafting or creating unique, handmade gifts? Etsy is the perfect marketplace for DIY crafters to host their business. The listing fee is $0.20 per item with a 3.5% transaction fee and 3% + $0.25 payment processing fee. Some profitable items to sell include:

  • Jewelry
  • Vintage
  • Vinyl & Stickers
  • Homemade candies
  • Handmade children’s clothing
  • Home decor
  • Party decorations

Out of the list I created, vinyls and stickers are definitely one of the most profitable and easy to handle in terms of shipping. Planner stickers are extremely in right now and they help organize, you guessed it, planners! If you’re an artist or expert doodler, sticker ideas should come easily. However, if you lack the skills of an artist, but have an idea in mind, you can hire a graphic designer on Fiverr to come up with a sticker that emboldens your idea. Most freelancers will let you have one FREE revision after they show you their work. You can then use that graphic or drawing to create a sticker. Here are some examples I pulled off Etsy.18 Ways to Make Money with an At-Home Side Hustle

18 Ways to Make Money with an At-Home Side Hustle

18 Ways to Make Money with an At-Home Side Hustle

As you can see, stickers can be as simple or detailed as you make them!

  1. Drive for Uber and Lyft

If you have a working car and a clean driving record, you can make money driving for Uber and Lyft. You can choose your own hours and make good money, including tips. For higher pay rates, most drivers tend to drive late nights on days such as the weekend. High traffic hours of the day also pay well, but you would have to account for the time you spend in traffic as well the ability to keep your sanity! For more on the best times to drive, read this post.

  1. Create your own blog

While blogging is definitely not an instant get rich scheme, it’s still a surefire way to make money online. Successful bloggers can earn over 6 figures a year, but it’s not as easy as some bloggers make it out to be. You won’t start off making a few grand a month working less than 15 hours a day. Starting a blog is hard work, but it definitely pays off – IF you’re willing to put in the work. Get started today with domain hosting from Siteground. Siteground offers one of the most competitive loading speed and performance rates compared to other popular web hosting sites. It’s also one of the most affordable.Web Hosting


  1. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a popular form of e-commerce due to its low startup cost. Businesses do not have to hold onto inventory and instead they can have the product shipped directly to the consumer. However, it’s important to note, dropshipping isn’t as easy as some YouTubers make it out to be. With anything, it does take time to learn and you will have to master Facebook marketing, among other methods. But with the right niche and marketing tools, you can enjoy a piece of the flourishing e-commerce pie. Shopify is a great e-commerce platform for dropshipping. Use in joint with Oberlo for a tight-working unit that helps you manage orders and lets your store run smoothly.

  1. Mystery shopping

Mystery shoppers complete audits for stores. Oftentimes, companies will pay you to shop at the stores and you get additional payment for completing the audit as well. Here are a few companies to apply to:

For at-home work, there are telephone mystery shopping companies to work for too. Two reputable telephone mystery shopping companies are:

These companies will allow you to pick the shops you want to complete. If you cannot complete a shop, remember to cancel in advance. Mystery shopping companies hate late cancellations because it doesn’t give them enough time to reschedule the shop, which means they’re losing money. Some companies will penalize you for late cancellations and may even terminate your account if you forget to cancel the shop entirely. Mystery shopping is fun and a great way to make money shopping. Learn how one mystery shopper made $14,000 a year mystery shopping.

  1. Learn to program and apply for an entry-level job

18 Ways to Make Money with an At-Home Side Hustle

The need for programmers is on the rise. Entry-level jobs are always available for new programmers. Even with no prior background in programming, there are a ton of online resources available for you to learn a programming language.

  • Codeacademy – Codeacademy is a helpful resource for entry-level coders. For those who have difficulty in understanding programming language and syntax, Codeacademy can guide you in the right direction. The interface is very engaging and easy to use. However, it is a more simplified curriculum so if you have previous programming knowledge, you may want to look for something more challenging.
  • Codewars – Codewars gives the ability to learn a variety of languages and test your skills through various challenges.
  • freeCodeCamp – freeCodeCamp is a free online coding website that offers interactive learning. You use the skills you learn to work on projects for nonprofits, which in turn gives you the experience to help you land your first programming job. An instant win-win!
  • HackerRank – Compete in challenges to prepare you for real-life work. Additionally, HackerRank can help you find a job in the web development industry.
  • Khan Academy – One of the leaders in online education, Khan Academy offers programming courses that you can take for free.
  • The Odin Project – A full-length curriculum that helps you in learn web development. The Odin Project also allows you to connect with other developers to aid in your project if you become road-blocked.

Some programming apps to check out:

  • Hopscotch – Hopscotch teaches you how to create popular games such as Crossy Roads and even Pokemon Go! Its video tutorials are great for visual learners and you have the chance to build your own game with the skills you’ve learned.
  • Python – A mobile app that teaches you the language of Python.
  • SoloLearn – Learn the basics of any programming language and test your knowledge in coding challenges. The app even has a section to prepare you for coding interviews as well as learn data structures, bootstrap, and algorithms.
  1. Write an eBook

Do you have something to offer that can benefit others? If the answer is yes, consider writing an eBook. Research topics that people are in demand to ensure that you will have readers. However, don’t expect to make sales without a marketing plan. For marketing ideas, read Fauzia Burke’s 7 Great Ways to Promote Your eBook.

  1. Publish your own poetry book

Publishing your own poetry book has never been easier with Amazon. Many new and upcoming poets have found success in publishing their poetry book and selling in all via Amazon. Some really great poetry books that have been published recently:

  1. Create a Udemy course

If you aren’t one for writing, create a Udemy course! You can create a successful course if you have experience in a subject and the ability to teach it. Laura Lacey’s Baby Massage – “The Gift of Love” course has had an amazing 218 students as of April 2018, definitely something to write home about!

There completes my list of 18 ways to make money with an at-home side hustle. Are there any side hustles that I have not included? Let me know below!

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