10 Tips for Selling Your Stuff Online Fast

10 Tips for Selling Your Stuff Online Fast

10 Tips for Selling Your Stuff Online Fast

10 Tips for Selling Your Stuff Online Fast

You’ve decluttered your home and are enjoying your newfound space, but could still use some tips to sell your stuff.

Selling online can be tricky because there’s no testing out an electronic, flipping through a book, or most common and detrimental (at least to some of us) – there’s no trying it on!

But despite all that, I’ve got strategies to GET YOUR ITEMS TO SELL. Whether you’ve had absolutely no luck or have had only moderate success, these are 10 tips for selling your stuff online FAST, things you can implement immediately to improve sales, the same tips I’ve used to make over $600 in one month.

Let’s get started!

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1. Take good pictures

One of the most important tips for selling your stuff online is to take good pictures.

Think about it. When you pass by a window at the mall, the appeal is for your eyes. The window design is meant to grab your attention, draw you in, and entice you enough for you to enter the store and buy the item (or at least something else).

The same process applies online. Even if your customer doesn’t buy the initial item they saw, they are more likely to browse your listings and buy something else IF you give them a reason to.

2. Use natural lighting

Natural lighting produces brighter and more professional looking pictures than dim, artificial lighting.

If your room’s position is not ideal for natural light to enter, try moving to another room or invest in a lightbox for your smaller items or lighting for larger items such as clothes. You can also make your own DIY light box and DIY lighting.

3. Edit your photos

Editing your photos is especially important if you’re not able to use natural lighting. Photo editing apps such as Adobe Photoshop Express and even your phone’s built-in editor can greatly improve the quality of your pictures. Try to be consistent throughout your editing so that your listings look coordinated and pleasing to your buyers.

4. Give your items some TLC

If clothes are wrinkly or have removable stains, wash and iron them. If you sell gently used makeup (which do well on Mercari), you should wipe away any removable smudges with an alcoholic wipe. Remember, items that are well-kept sell best.

5. Model your clothes

10 Tips for Selling Your Stuff Online Fast

You don’t have to go out of your way to take fashion photography-style pictures, but do try to model your clothes. Modeling your clothes becomes even more important for simpler articles of clothing.


Because people would actually buy that PLAIN WHITE t-shirt above. They might even pay a lot more money than it’s worth just because the model is rocking it.

Clothes that are modeled allow people to see how they fit and can be styled. It’s also more engaging than a shirt on a hanger or one laid across your bed, or worse the floor.

6. Get your pricing on point

Most sellers don’t know how to price their items. One solution to this problem is to browse other shops and see what similar items are selling for. Remember that prices oftentimes vary between apps.

Another approach to pricing is to sell your item for 50% of what you bought it for. For example, you can set the price of a $50 pair of jeans at $25. If it doesn’t sell within a few days, you can go back and lower the price.

7. Offer free shipping

Free shipping is a great service you can offer your customers. Create cheaper and more accurately weighted shipment labels with PayPal. Log into your PayPal account and click here to create a shipping label.

You want to select USPS, First-Class Mail, then Package/Thick Envelope. A 4 oz package will only cost $2.66.

Always weigh your packages with a digital scale. NEVER ESTIMATE because your buyers will have to pay the difference.

8. Be responsive to your prospective buyers

Be sure to have active notifications on so you can quickly respond to questions and offers. This will show your buyers you’re reliable and will increase your number of repeat customers. You’ll also receive higher reviews.

9. Don’t decline offers (even if they are low-ballers)

Don’t decline offers. Instead, counter your buyer with a reasonable offer. More often than not, they will accept your counter.

If you can’t lower the price, decline politely. Sometimes, the buyer will still choose to purchase the item. If they don’t, don’t worry. You will get other offers down the road!

10. Use different apps to list your items  

Using different apps will widen your audience and better your chances of selling your stuff.

Some apps do better at selling certain categories of stuff, but if you don’t have time to list everywhere, you’ve got to choose.

But how do you determine where to list your item? Things to consider are weight and shipping costs, your item’s category, as well as fees.

Want to get rid of everything fast? Consider these options

Host a yard sale

Yard sales may seem like a thing of the past, but it’s still a great way to make money from stuff you no longer use. Host a yard sale on a weekend and remember to check the weather so you don’t run into rain.

Look into consignment and pawn stores

If yard sales aren’t your thing, consignment stores and pawn shops are two other options. My favorite clothing consignment stores to sell to are Plato’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange. Place your things into a sturdy bag and bring them into any store. Plato’s Closet usually doesn’t take more than an hour to sort through everything and offer you a quote for your items.

You won’t earn a lot if you sell to consignment and pawn shops, but it’s the quickest way to make money from your unwanted things.

Finally, you can donate your things for a tax write-off

Some stuff never sell regardless of what you do so what’s better than donating to a good cause? Salvation Army and Goodwill are my go-to charities.

Hopefully you’ve gained some helpful tips for selling your stuff online. Integrate these tricks to tidy up your home and earn money in the process.

Best of luck with your hustle!

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